Types of Engineering In India | List Of Engineering Courses

Types of Engineering In India | List Of Engineering Courses

In this article, we will discuss about types of engineering. It happens in our world that when we are young, we start carrying desires in our mind. Our parents also keep a lot of expectations from us that our child will grow up to be a very big man. A parent wants their child to do a good job like teacher, professor, doctor, pilot etc. One of these names comes Engineer. When we complete our tenth class studies, then we have to choose many subjects after thinking very much.

Because on the basis of who’s subject, our future is connected and we can do any work on the basis of chair. All subjects are very important in their own right. The children who are interested in the subject of science have a very good future for them. He later moves on to commerce or humanities stream. Many times it also happens that we are not able to do any work well and also fail in it. But there are many other options for them.

Children who are interested in major subjects like physics chemistry and maths as well as science option. He can make his future good by doing engineering. Now we know what is engineering. In this article you will be told all about engineering. Today we are seeing in our world that how many technical things have come around us. The creator of all these technical things is no one else but an engineer. Today’s era has become very technical for us.

In engineering it is taught things like making machines, designing and making things better. It requires a very technical mind. It is not a common thing to study an engineer, for this we have to work very hard, which not everyone can do. To become an engineer, we need a lot of brain. According to people who have become engineers, there is a huge area of different specialization that decides what we are going to do.

The job of an engineer is very special. Engineers perform tasks such as evaluation, development, inspection, testing, modification, installation and maintenance of various types of products and systems. To become an engineer, we have to get B.Tech education. It determines the right nature of work based on the expertise of the education we will receive and the industry they get.

How To Do Engineering

To do engineering, we have to take the science stream with us in 12th. After 12th we have to take admission in B.Tech. B.Tech Engineering begins. If a student wants to become an engineer, then it is very necessary for him to have at least 3 years degree or a diploma.

When our 3 years of studies are completed then we can do postgraduate in whatever we are interested in. Even after post graduate, we are eligible to be called an engineer. If we become an engineer and our interest is in one field in development and Research. If you can do engineering in specific field then it will be very important for us to do PhD for that.

What Are The Types Of Engineering

We think to become an engineer but we do not know how many types of engineering are there. There are many types of engineering. Many people do not know when they think of doing engineering that how many types of engineering are there and from which we want to do our graduation.

When we come to know now, we may have to face some problems. We are not able to decide so quickly which engineering we have to do. So when we think of doing engineering then it is important for us to have complete knowledge of engineering. There are different types of engineering-

1. Electrical Engineering
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. Civil Engineering
4. Computer Engineering                                                                                                                                      5. Petroleum Engineering                                                                                                                                    6.  Ocean Engineering                                                                                                                                              7. Ethical Hacking                                                                                                                                                   8. Sports Technology Engineering

 What is Electrical Engineering –

 What is Electrical Engineering -

There are two types of engineering, but most people show more interest in doing electrical engineering. You must be wondering what is electrical engineering. It must be coming in your mind that why do people do this more. Electrical engineering men show interest because electrical engineering has a lot to do in our body.

As we are seeing how much technology has increased in today’s era and it is increasing. The importance of electrical engineering is also increasing day by day among all of us. We always find people doing electrical engineering around us. Electric engineering is used almost everywhere. In every big and small company, there is a need for electrical engineering.

Electrical engineering work is done everywhere. If someone does electrical engineering, then it proves to be very beneficial for him. If you do electrical engineering then you have many more options to work. Electrical engineering is a very good engineering. If you do this then your future will be very good.

 What is Mechanical Engineering-

 What is Mechanical Engineering-

In today’s world the power of Humpty is how important the work of machines has become in our life. Today’s era is the machine age. You must be knowing by the name of mechanical engineering that what is mechanical engineering. For those who love machines very much, then mechanical engineering will be a very good career option.

You will be told one thing in mechanical engineering which will be about machines. You will see only machines around you. Like we read above that most people do electrical engineering but mechanical engineering is also very much discussed. Many people are also adopting mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is a very good career option for people who are interested in machines. Mechanical engineering will also be a very good job for your future.

 What is Civil Engineering-

 What is Civil Engineering-

Civil engineering is a type of engineering. What is civil engineering, let us tell you what is civil engineering. Those who do civil engineering track work under the government, so many people consider it very good to do civil engineering. Whenever a road has to be constructed, school, hospital etc., then the government gives the responsibility to the civil engineer only.

That’s why people show interest in civil engineering. The job of an engineer in civil engineering is that he has to make a policy and finish that work properly, all this is the responsibility of the civil engineer. If one wants to become a civil engineer, then it is necessary to do 4 years course in the subject of Mathematics and Physics. Therefore civil engineering is also a very good option.

What is Computer Engineering-

What is Computer Engineering-

We see in our world that computers are everywhere. Everyone has computers in their homes and computers in schools, computers sleep in colleges, computers work everywhere. Computer has become a part of our life for a long time. In the 21st century, computers have become very important. Computer work is done everywhere.

If someone wants to do computer engineering then this is a very good option for his future right now. As such it has been overlooked that how much computer is needed in today’s time. By looking at this, we can get an idea of how much computer engineering can score. In computer engineering, we are given every information about computer. During computer engineering, you are taught about every single thing about computers. There is something ancient to do engineering like-


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What is Petroleum Engineering –

What is Petroleum Engineering -

Little is known about petroleum engineering. Petroleum engineering is also a course to become an engineer. Those who want to do petroleum engineering, those people are fully trained in drilling and geological data analysis in this course. By the name of petroleum engineering, we get to know what work we have to do by doing this course.

Taking petrol out of the ground and putting it safely in the tank is a very important job for a petroleum engineer. They are trained very well for all these works. If you are interested in petroleum engineering then you can also do this. Petroleum engineering is also a very good option.

What is Ocean Engineering-

What is Ocean Engineering

Ocean Engineering is also called Ocean Engineering. Very little will be known about this course. Many people love the sea very much. Some people want to do very different things in their life. Those who want to do something different and they love the sea, then they can do ocean engineering.

Ocean engineering is also a very good option. Some people want to go to the Navy, but sometimes they fail, then this is a very good option for them. You can also enjoy working in the sea. Ocean engineering is also a very good course to make your career.

What is Ethical Hacking –

There are different types of engineering, one of them is ethical hacking. Very few people would know about this engineering course. In the Ethical Hacking Engineering course, you are taught to hack the computer or any data. People who do ethical engineering hack their company’s data and rectify their mistakes. So that no one can steal their company’s data. This hacking is completely legal.

What is Sports Technology Engineering –

Many people are very interested in sports. Many people want to become a cricketer, some footballer but due to some reason they are not able to. But the desire remains in our heart to do something in the game, which is not fulfilled due to some reason.

If you want to be associated with sports then you can do sports technology engineering. In K Technology Engineering, you are made fully aware about the equipment used in sports and their designs and complete information is given about them Sports Technology Engineering is also a good career option.

Apart from these, there are many engineering courses like-

• Agricultural Engineering
• Sound Engineering
• Energy Engineering
Photonics Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering
• Reproductive Science Engineering

Scope and Salary In Engineering-

Most of the children are interesting in doing engineering after 12th. As soon as the 12th studies are completed, they start preparing for traveling engineering. There is a very good scope in engineering and its salary is also good. We can make our future better by doing engineering. If you want to do engineering then maths and physics are very important subject for you.

If you want to work outside. All engineering courses have a very good scope in India and also in the external sector. There are many jobs available from the government side in engineering paints. They just need a little hard work. The salary of engineering is also very good than other jobs. Engineer salary is in lakhs. It has a very good scope abroad. Even there its salary is very good. By doing engineering you can make your future very good and earn a lot of money.

 In this article, we read what is an engineer, what is his work. There are many types of engineers. All engineering courses are special in their own right. By doing engineering you can make a lot of name and earn money. Engineering is a very good career option. We also have to work hard to get anything. If you work hard you will get everything.

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