Qualification For Professor | How To Become A Professor In India

Qualification For Professor | How To Become A Professor In India

In this article, we will know the qualification for professor and full information related to professor profession. There are many ways to become a successful person. Everyone want to be success in their life. A successful person is respected by others, is energetic and creative, work hard to become cleverer and better. Who is success in their life he is self-confident and has everything he needs for his life. One type of successful person is professor.

Professor is either a teacher in a university or the highest ranking position in a university. Professor are required to possess a terminal degree in their relevant field. Professors are expected to conduct original research and mentor and supervise students research. Professor is involved in tertiary education.

Once the affective domain is enriched with knowledge and positive attitude internalization of the subject (subject will be assimilated) will occur. Internalization will lead to development of automatism (recalling the concepts and the facts about subject automatically) and command over the subject. Then he can profess about that subject (become a professor).

Don’t be afraid of your professor. He/ she is there to help. Regularly attend office hours when you have questions. Professors are much more willing to help a student who has demonstrated a desire to learn. When any person to become a professor then they have to cross some tests. They are not able to become a professor directly.

Professor’s Responsibilities

Professor’s Responsibilities-

• Invested a lot of their time to education and yours.
• They have various ranks and are constantly working hard to advance within their college.
• Even though many of them have advanced degrees (a master’s degree), some institutions require they have a terminal degree- a doctor of philosophy or education ( Ph.D. or EdD for short).
• Professors can be titled instructors, lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors, or full professors.
• For example, a full professor needs to demonstrate exemplary teaching, service to the college and community, have served at the institution for anywhere from 5 to years. There is also a difference in tenure status.
• A professor who is tenured has been with the institution for 5-6 years and has put together a portfolio for a committee to review. Not all faculty are granted tenure.
• Faculty have to create the course you are taking, from selecting textbooks and readings, to creating assignments and exams, they are responsible for teaching you everything you need to know for that course.

Qualification To Become a Professor-

Qualification To Become a Professor

These are basic qualification for professor career-

1. Complete your +2 with any subject which you preferred.
2. Complete your graduate with your desired favourable subject.
3. After graduate you have complete your masters degree with 55 percent.
4. You have to give NET or SLET.
5. Those with Ph.D. and masters level subjects not covered by NET now are exempt from NET.
6. A relaxation of five percent marks for SC/ST and differentially abled.
7. Ph.D. degree mandatory for appoint of professors and promotion to professors and direct appointment of associate professors..

• For Assistant Professor-

Qualification– Bachelors and Masters degree in pharmacy with first class or equivalent either in bachelors or masters degree.
Experience– for assistant professor, there is no need or experience

• For Associate

Qualification– Qualifications as above that is for the post of assistant professor, as applicable and Ph.D. or equivalent, in appropriate discipline. Post Ph.D. publications and guiding Ph.D. students is highly desirable.
Experience– Minimum of 5 years experience in teaching/ research/ industry of which 2 years post Ph.D. experience is desirable. In case of architecture, professional practice of 5 years as certified by the council of architecture shall also be considered valid.


Qualification– Qualifications as above that is for the post of associate professor, applicable. For Ph.D. publications and guiding Ph.D. students is highly desirable.
Experiment– minimum of 10 years experience in teaching/ research/ industrial experience of which at least 5 years should be at the level of associate professor or minimum of 13 years of experience in teaching/ or research /or industry.

In case of research experience, good academic record and books/ research paper publications /IPR /patents record shall be required as deemed fit by the expert members of the selection committee.

If the experience in industry is considered, the same shall be at managerial level equivalent to associate professor with active participation record in devising/ designing, planning, executive, analyzing, quality control, innovating, training, technical books/ research paper publications / IPR / patents, etc., as deemed fit by the expert members of the selection committee.

Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

Standards for promotion from assistant professor to associate professor are essentially the same as those for tenure. To support a bid for promotion from assistant professor to associate professor, the promotion portfolio, like the tenure portfolio, must demonstrate both

• Accomplishment to date sufficient for the awarding of tenure and promotion to associate professor.
• As well as the potential for continued development in the three areas: teaching, professional achievement and professional service.

Master’s Degree 

A master’s degree is a second cycle academic degree and the first level of graduate study which means it is after bachelor’s degree and before Ph.D.
Benefits of earning master’s degree-
• Less time and money than Ph.D.
• More career oriented than Ph.D.
• May have greater employment opportunities
• May lead to greater career advancements.
Master’s degree program culmination- capstone course.

About Ph.D.

Doctor of philosophy, or Ph.D., are considered terminal degrees or the highest degree you can earn. Ph.D. are research based academic degrees which are awarded in many fields.
Benefits of earning Ph.D.
• Enhance your transferable skill, such as critical reasoning, problem solving and in depth analysis
• Add to the research and knowledge in your field.
• Improve your analytical skill.
Ph.D. program culmination- comprehensive exam and completion of dessertation.

About the NET

NET is a exam on national level. Its full form is National Eligibility test. The national educational testing bureau of university grants commission (UGC) conducts national eligibility test (NET) to determine the eligibility for lectureship and the award of junior research fellowship (JRF) For indian national in order to ensure minimum standards for the entrants in the teaching profession and research. The test is conducted in humanities (including languages), social science, forensic science, environmental sciences, computer sciences and applications and electronic sciences.

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Concept of SLET/ SET Exam-

SET is a exam on state level. Its full form is State Eligibility Test. Candidates give the exam for becoming a professor. It was felt that an e eligibility test at the national level may not be completely able to represent the subjects which are regional in their character. Moreover, the demand for enabling the candidates to appear for the test in their own mother tongue was also being made.

The state governments and union territories were, therefore, given the option of conducting their own test for eligibility for lectureship at the state level. Thus was born the concept of SET, i.e., state eligibility test for lectureship eligibility only. It is conducted both in english and the vernacular.

• Laying down guidelines for holding the tests.
• Accreditation of tests conducted by agencies other than UGC/CSIR.
• Monitoring of tests conducted by other agencies and suggesting follow-up measures.
• Extend guidance and help to state level agencies in the organization of the tests.

Scope of NET and SLET

Eligibility for lectureship- Clearing the NET confers the eligibility for lectureship upon Indian national, i.e. the NET qualified candidates are eligible to apply for the post of lecturer in at Indian universities/ institutes/ colleges.

It was resolved in the UGC’s commission meeting held on 1.11.2001 that commencing from the SET examinations scheduled in or after june, 2002, the SET qualified candidates shall be eligible for appointment to the point of lecturer only in the universities/colleges belonging to the seats from where they have passes the SET examinations conducted, that is, the candidates SET were eligible for appointment to the post of lecturer anywhere in Indian.

Junior Research Fellowship

The candidates who qualify the junior research fellowship (JRF) examination of UGC/CSIR NET are also eligible for the post of lectureship. In addition they are who eligible to receive fellowships (UGC/CSIR) under various schemes subject to the candidates finding their placement in the universities(IITS/ other national organizations.

The validity period of the offer is two years w.e.f. the date of issue of JRF award letter. The validity period of the offer has been raised from one year to two years for JRF award letters issued on or after 1st april, 2003. However, in case the candidates have already joined M.phil./ Ph.D., the date of commencement of fellowship will be from the date of declaration of NET examination result or date of their joining, whichever is later. So these are qualification required to become a professor.

Salary of Professors

Salary of Professors

Salary of all jobs are different in all different departments. Salary is based on promotion also. Assistant professor have less salary than associate professor. Associate professor is one level down post of professor so it obvious that the salary of professor is more than associate professor. Professors salary is near about 1 lakh may be or may be more. Salaries are different in different regions.

This article is based on how to become a professor and what are the qualification required for professor. There are many things to do for becoming a professor. You have to keep hard work for success. If we want to become any thing than you should have to proper knowledge about that. Every thing is written in this article about professor. Who want to become professor you must read this. Thus article will give you all information about becoming a professor. We hope this article helped you with the answers of your questions through the data provide on www.amkueducation.com. If so, Stay tuned with to read more interesting article about various topics.

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