Psychologist Career |  How To Become A Psychologist?

Psychologist Career | How To Become A Psychologist?

In this articles we will read about the psychologist career and many more about it. Everyone likes to do their favourite work. We should do the work in which we are interested. Like today we will talk about psychologist. What is a Psychologist? You must know that how humans differ from animals. Humans are different from animals because they have brains. If we did not have brains, we would not have been able to progress so much.

If we have brain, we have everything. If you are interested in knowing about the mind then you can become a psychologist. What is Psychologist, Psychologist is the one who knows the secret of our mind. Psychologist gives you therapy, if you have any mental problem, there is any anxiety or if there is any problem related to the mind, then the job of the psychologist is to remove it.

There is a psychologist who understands the mental work in our personal and our behaviour. Whatever functions are associated with our mind in our body, they search for their biological process. If you are interested in knowing about the mind then you can become a psychologist and make a career.

There is a very good career in psychologist. There are also many types of psychologists, which we will tell you further in this article. If you want to know anything about Psychologist then you will get it in this article.

Work of Psychologist

Psychologist has many benefits such as a psychologist is one who treats his patient without medicines, reduces their stress. Psychologists also help to improve our health and they equip individuals with a new skill. If any person is surrounded by problems like anxiety, depression addiction then psychologists help us to overcome these.

If someone has an internal problem, then psychologists also treat him, due to which our mental balance also gets cured. Psychologist is playing a very good role in our life. Psychologists are also providing very good contribution in the legal process. If someone has brain diseases, memory vision, people like you, they remove the bike thing.

Psychologists also remove the biggest diseases like seizures, tumours, brain diseases etc. Psychologists are appointed in government, private hospitals at present. We have many benefits from a psychologist and its a decent career too.

Types Of Psychologist

Types Of Psychologist

There are many types of psychologists. Psychologist plays a very important role in our life. There are many ways make a career as psychologist.

• Clinical psychologist
• Children Psychologist
• Neuropsychologist
• Consumer psychologist
• Social psychology
• Industrial psychology
• Educational psychologist

Who are Clinical Psychologist-

The job of a psychologist is to remove our brain diseases. Similarly, the job of a clinical psychologist is to improve our health and relieve our mental stress. Usually many people have mental stress due to which their health is not able to remain good.

Clinical psychologists are present in our areas for them. Clinical psychologists treat diseases like anxiety depression. If someone is addicted to drugs, there are clinical psychologists for them. Clinical psychologists help them overcome their addiction.

Who are Children Psychologist –

By the way, by listening to the name itself, it is known that what would be a Children Psychologist. Children’s cycle races are those that treat diseases found in children.

As in some children, there is a disease like irritability, crying, having some fun, to overcome which there are children psychologists. I’ll figure out a way to solve their problems. That’s why you must have come to know who are child psychologists.

Who are Neuropsychologists-

Neuropsychologists are those who work on the relationship between our brain and its functions as neuropsychologists. Neuropsychologists prove to be effective in curing many of our diseases such as our eyesight, memory, seizures, tumours etc. Neuropsychologists have proved to be very effective in curing our diseases.

Who are Consumer Psychologists-

What do consumer psychologists do, when any company launches its products in the markets, they are surveyed. Consumer psychologists try to test needs, likes and dislikes etc. Consumer psychologists first see which thing is capable of launching and whether people will like it or not and how needy it is etc. All this work is done by a consumer psychologist.

Who are Social Psychologists-

Social psychologists are those who work for our society. The job of a social psychologist is to serve for agencies like government social welfare departments, NGOs and social reforms. If there are any family disputes in someone’s house or to solve problems like marital matters, social psychologists are appointed.

Who are Industrial Psychologist –

There are industrial psychologists who work in industries to improve their success and their work. Industrial psychologist is also called IO psychologist.

Who are Educational Psychologist-

It must be known from the name of Education Psychologist that it is associated with today’s scene. Educational psychologists put a lot of effort to enhance the process of learning and understanding the basic legs of education. Today how many psychologists are appointed in schools, colleges and universities. It is work in education departments. you can choose your way and make career as Psychologist.

Qualification Required To Become Psychologist

Qualification Required To Become Psychologist

If you want to become a good psychologist then you can do in 12th class with any subject and can take basic knowledge of psychologist. You can get yourself included in your course and you have to pass class 12th with 50% marks if you want to become a psychologist. Psychology is not required to be studied at the school level.

After completing 12th, you can get a degree in any college recognized by the UGC. You can do electricity related to psychology like general psychology clinical psychology social psychology treatment psychology organizational behaviour etc.

By doing all this you will get information related to psychology. This will be a 3 year course. After studying 3 years, you will have to study for higher education because if you do psychology degree, it does not have much job opportunities, so you have to do master’s degree.

When your graduation is completed then you can do post graduate. Your graduation marks are seen for admission in post graduate. If you have done psychology subject in graduation then you can apply for post graduate level. You can choose a prostitute according to your choice and specialization for doing post graduation.

If you want to become a psychologist then it is very important for you to do post graduation. Students who do post graduation to become a psychologist, they get a chance to write psychological research papers according to their interest. Along with this, the student completes her internship for two-three months. During the internship, the students get to learn the work of a very good psychologist and this also increases your knowledge.

Course To Become A Psychologist

If you want to become a Psychologist then you have many options to do courses like-

• You have a B.A. in Psychology. Which is a 3-year course, after doing this course, you can do a master’s degree in psychology by doing M.A.. This is a 2 year course.
• If you want to study Psychologist then you can do PG Diploma in Psychology. This is also a 2-year course which is for postgraduates.
• You can do BSc in Psychology, it is a 3 year course. After doing B.Sc, you can do a master’s degree in it by doing MSc. This is a 2 year course.

What is the Career in Psychology

There is a very good career as a psychologist. If you want to become a psychologist then it is a very good decision because there is no dearth of employment in this film. If you go to Psychologist Tiffin then you can get both private and government job.

Psychologist can get many jobs like private and government hospital, university, college and research organization, private industry etc. Psychologist gets employment in these places. If you want to study very good psychologist then you can do specialization in psychology. If you do specialization in psychology then what can you make very good in it.

You can do specialization in psychology in any field like social psychology consumer psychology clinical psychology child psychology industrial psychology etc. I have a very good college future. Psychologist career is very good. Ok if you decide to become Psychologist or did it is very good.

What Skills Should a Psychologist Have?

Profession – If you want to become a psychologist then it is very important to have a profession.
Problem Solving Behaviour– It is necessary for a psychologist to have a problem solving interior.
Good Communication Skill– You must have good communication skills because if you talk well then only people will come to you with their problems.
Trustworthiness– You should have trustworthiness before because whoever comes to you wants the truck to cry at you that you can solve their problem.

Job For Psychologist After Graduation

Job For Psychologist After Graduation

NGO– If you want to work in an NGO then you can also work as an assistant counsellor. Your job in this job will be computer work, office work and clearing the head counsellor for counselling. For this you need to have basic knowledge of counselling. In this your salary is from 15000 to 18000.

ORW (Out Reach Worker) – If you do ORW job, then you will get its salary from 12000 to 15000. Your job in this job will be field work like collecting data and conducting surveys etc. To do this job, you also need to have a BSI College G degree on such psychology.

APS– APS job is a government job. In which you can work as a teaching and can also work as a non-teaching. If you want to apply for counselling in Army Public School then you have to have B.a. It is necessary to have a degree in psychology, if you had not come, then you should have a graduation and should have a diploma in counselling, along with this you also need 3 years of experience. In this your salary will be from 18000 to 20000.

National Health Mission– You can work in National Health Mission by becoming a councilor. Its salary ranges from 14000 to 15000. This salary increases along with your working experience. This is also a government job after post graduation

• After doing a master’s degree in psychology, you can get jobs like clinical psychologist, child psychologist, neuropsychologist, consumer psychologist etc. This is a private job. By doing this, you get salary from 25000 to 30000.

• After completing your master’s degree, you can do internship in NACO. In this you need to do internship. In this you get salary from 25000 to 30000. This is a government job.

DSSSB– There are two types of vacancies for a counselor in which one also needs M.a. Psychology and Diploma in Counselling. There is another vacancy in which only M.A. Need Psychology. Its salary ranges from 40000 to 45000.

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Best College For Psychology

There are many good colleges in which you can do course for psychology. We are telling you the names of some colleges like-

• Lady Shri Ram College for Women New Delhi
• St. Xavier college Mumbai, Maharashtra
• Christ university Bangalore, Karnataka
• Jesus and Mary College new Delhi
• Jai Hind College Mumbai, Maharashtra
• Fergusson College pune
• Mithibai College Mumbai
• Kamala Nehru College for Women New Delhi

These are some colleges which are very famous for psychology. But apart from these there are many other colleges. If you want to go, then you can search on the internet, you will get all the information about that college.

Psychology Scope

Psychology has a lot of scope in today’s world. Very good career in psychology. You can earn a lot of money by closing a psychologist. If you go to colleges then your future is very good. Psychologist has a very good scope in today’s world, for this you can do many jobs.

If you have decided to study Psychologist then your decision is very right. You can earn a very good name by going in this field and earn a lot of money. By going into this heart, you can make your life successful because psychologist’s score is very good and his career is also very good.

Psychologist Salary

Psychologist Salary

Different jobs have different salaries in every field. We are talking about Psychologist. The salary of psychologist is very good. If you work in private department then your salary will be at least more than 15000. And if you do a government job then your salary will be more than 25000. And this salary increases with experience. You can earn a lot of money in the field of Psychologist. The salary of a psychologist can be more than 40,000. This is a very good job.

In this article, you have been told what is Psychologist and what is the work of Psychologist. If you want to become a psychologist, then what should be the qualification for that, you will get all this in this article. How much salary you can take by closing the psychologist, it is also given in this article. What is the career and scope of a psychologist, you must have got to see all this in this article. Hope you have got all the information you wanted about Psychologist.

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