How To Become An Licensed Electrician In India | ITI Electrician

How To Become An Licensed Electrician In India | ITI Electrician

In this article we will discuss about the licensed electrician. As we know that there are many such things in our life which are very important for our life. Some such things without which it is very difficult to live where a person is. such as electricity. It is very difficult to live without electricity. Whatever things we need, we work to keep those things right and keep going.

Only one among them comes the licensed electrician who is there to make our electricity work properly. Many people must know what an electrician is. Nowadays, anyone can become an electrician, if he wants to learn from practical, or become through education and write. Everyone will know that things that run on electricity like fans, coolers, fridges, washing machines, TV motors and other things, shouting and repairing these things correctly is the job of an electrician.

Electrician has a very important role in our life. People who are interested in things that run on electricity can become an electrician. Their job is to inspect and take care of things. The job of an electrician is to fix the electrical equipment and prepare the caste. As we can see how much electricity is used in today’s world.

Electricity is used in almost every house, all houses have fans, TV, coolers, fridges etc. All these things run on electricity. Sometimes all these things go bad, then an electrician is needed to fix it. The work of an electrician is not a bad job. If you want to become an electrician then you can do ITI electrician course. What is ITI Electrician, we will tell you further in this article. We will also tell you what is the difference between Electrician and ITI Electrician.

What is ITI Electrician?

What is ITI Electrician

You must have known about Simple Electrician, we will tell what is ITI Electrician. The word that matters more in ITI Electrician is Electrician. You must be wondering what is ITI, ITI  is an training institute in which you are given information about trades related to engineering at the beginning. Electrician is also an ITI trade.

Information about electronic items is also given in ITI such as motor and other household items. Like we mentioned above that if you want to become an licensed electrician and want to make a career in it, then you can do electrician course in ITI which will help you a lot in making your career. There are many benefits of doing electrician course in ITI.

You can start your career in some Industries. As we all know that electricity-powered things are used everywhere, so there are many people and many types of machines related to electrician in the interest of every company. There is a need for an electrician for them, through which you can start your career by working in any industry.

In today’s world the number of things that run on electricity has increased a lot. You can also become a government electrician because electrician is needed in many such government companies and industries admin, so the government takes out many vacancies for this. There is a lot of demand for electrician in your world. You can also start your career in any private company or industry.

What we can learn from electrician course?

The work of an electrician is of many types. As we know the name of electrician is associated with electricity. The job of an electrician is to use electrical things, fix them, put them in the right way etc. Electrician has all the information related to electricity.

You will be told in the course of electrician that how to operate and use electrical appliances, you will get all the information related to that in the course of licensed electrician. When you successfully complete your electrician course, then you will have every knowledge about electricity. You will get to know how all electricity and appliances are used from Assamese.

All this information will be given to you in the course of electrician. You will be told in this course how switch boards use AC DC. You will get to learn all this information easily. You will be told and taught how to run an electrical circuit through drawing in it. When you will take this course so much, then your interest in this course will increase and you will understand all the information easily.

The most important tool for an licensed electrician is the neon tester. You will also be shown all the information about this. We must have commonly seen that all electricians have a neon tester which we also call a screwdriver. With this you are also taught to do PCB and disassembly. You learn to handle even the biggest buyers.

The wire which is used in industrial automatic, you learn to handle them easily. Through the tester, the electrician can easily detect the optical fault. Testis serves to measure the amount of meat energy. Through this, we can find out the shortcomings of all these, how the wiring of household things, motor washing machine fan cooler fridge etc.

In the course of licensed electrician, you are also taught to assemble and disassemble the transformer motor generator. You get all the information related to electricity in this course. And you become eligible to become an electrician. This is the work of an electrician, hope you have understood.

What is the eligibility for ITI Electrician?

What is the eligibility for ITI Electrician?

If you want to become an electrician then your best option is ITI Electrician. To become ITI Electrician then you have to give proof of your qualification. If you want to become an electrician and you want to do ITI electrician course, then you have to pass 10th class to get admission in it. Some ITI institutes give admission only on the pass percentage of 10th standard.

If you want to do ITI Electrician course after 12th, then it is necessary to have a science subject in class 12th. Many government institutes also hold entrance exams, which you have to pass for admission in government ITI institutes. There are different entrance exams in each state O. It is not very difficult, just according to your 10th class knowledge, this entrance exam is taken.

How long is ITI electrician course?

If you want to do ITI Electrician course, then you should also know its time, how many years the course is. ITI Electrician course is of 2 years duration. ITI Electrician course is divided into 4 semesters. Children who do ITI Electrician course well and they get a chance and to learn more well, then the course time becomes 3 years for them. In which 2 years basic training is given.

What is the fee for ITI course?

If you want to become an electrician and do ITI electrician course for that then you should also know its fee. If you take admission in Government ITI Institute, then its fees are kept according to the government and if you go to private college and take admission in the institute, then ITI fees are kept according to their own.

But it is not that there will be too much grinding. If you take admission in a government college institute, then your fees can be from about two thousand to 10000 for 1 year. And if you go to private college and institute, then its fee can be from 15000 to 50000 for 1 year. It is for you to decide whether you want to take admission in private ITI or take admission in government ITI.

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 Career option after doing ITI Electrician course

Whenever we do any course, we definitely think about the career ahead and it is very important to think about it. Similarly, when you do ITI Electrician course, then you have the option to do a job and after that you can also take higher education. When you do ITI course, what are the options you have to get job and which higher education you want to take after this course. All this will be told to you further in this article-

What jobs can you do after doing ITI Electrician?

What jobs can you do after doing ITI Electrician?

For those who have done ITI Electrician course, many jobs are available for them by the government as well as in the private sector. It is up to you whether you want to do a government job or a private one. There are different jobs for those who have done ITI Electrician course, which have different jobs like-

  • Electrician, Wireman, Electrical Machine Operator, Welder, Instructor For This Can Join Craft Instructor Training Scheme Hindi Treat For Be Coming, Instructor In ITI Supervisor (After Experience), Technician.
  • Those who want to do government job after ITI electrician course is like- Bhel, gail, railway, sail, defence, electricity departments, educational institutions, Indian oils.

Higher Education Options after ITI Electrician Course

Children who want to do higher studies after ITI electrician course, they can do simple graduation with science subject and can also do diploma with electrical course and whatever is similar with it, you can do that course for higher studies . If you do diploma after ITI electrician course then you get direct admission in second year itself, you go after one year.

Salary after ITI Electrician

Whenever all the people do any study, they definitely think about the future ahead of them. He thinks about his career and thinks about his salary. When ITI Electrician course is completed then his salary ranges from 8 5000 to 10000 per month. Gradually their salary gets better as their experience increases. With 2 years of experience and above, they start getting good salary. Some children get chance to do apprentices after ITI court.

That takes eight to 10,000 stiffen per month. This was for private jobs. If you do ITI Electrician course then you can also get government job. The company’s salary is high in a government job. If you start doing a government job, then you have a salary of more than 15000 in the beginning itself. You don’t have to sleep, you have to work a little hard for what job you want to do.

 In this article, we told that what is an licensed electrician, what is his work. If you want to become an electrician then you can do ITI electrician course, this will be the best option for you and if you want to do higher studies after this then you can. In this article, you have been told the salary of that electrician and about his career has also been told.

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