Courses For Designing | Designing Courses After 12th Class

Courses For Designing | Designing Courses After 12th Class

A design is a prototype of any real-life product. A design is a strategic arrangement of specific elements to get a desired outcome. In other words, a design is used to show the actual outlook of any object or product to the customer. It is an art that visualize the imagination of a person. Design gives an idea a shape that explains it. Here we provides you the details of Courses For Designing.

What a designing course means?

Design is a career stream that candidates can pursue at Under-Graduate (UG), Post-Graduate (PG), or Doctorate (PhD) level to become designers in their field of interest. Students with creative thinking choose designing as their career, is extremely popular these days. Somehow a design career is even better than any other career.

Because it is vast stream of studies in Courses For Designing and offers a lot of opportunities to students who have different kind of interests, talents, and educational background. To take a design course, no subject is compulsory. It means if any student have the required skills and ability than they can choose their dream career in designing field. That means they can design whatever they want to design.

List of Courses For Designing :

Sometimes people misunderstands designing course with only fashion designing or graphic designing etc. However, there is a wide variety of designing courses that a student can choose to pursue his/her career. Picking one of these courses can help a person to get a high paying job in the specialized field. Broadly these designing courses can be divided into three types:
a) Under-Graduate Design Courses (UG)
b) Post-Graduate Design Courses (PG)
c) Doctorate in Design Courses (Ph.D)

Students can pursue their design courses at all three levels, no matter their course is a course of certificate, diploma or degree. Students can also pursue their courses in classroom, correspondence or through online modes.

Skills Required for Designing Courses

Designing is a very creative stream and it requires students to have a good eye even for a smallest detail. Here are some of the important skills required for a candidate to pursue designing as a career:
• Creative Thinking
• Excellent communication skills
• Have a good hold on sketching and portrait skills
• Deep observation
• Knowledge of market trends
• Good knowledge about shades of colors
• Visual imagination of ideas
• Innovativeness and artistic

Let’s have a look on some brief details of the Courses For Designing :

UG Courses For Designing –

UG Courses For Designing

After passing out 12th standard a student needs to get an undergraduate degree to make the first step towards their dream job. An undergraduate course is typically a course of three or four year’s period. When you decide to pursue an undergraduate degree you benefit by obtaining a wide-ranging introduction of nearly all elements to your chosen area of study in the first year. Here is a

List of some undergraduate courses from which a student can choose to study:

1. B. Des in Fashion Designing
2. B. Des in Graphic Design
3. B. Des in Product Design
4. B. Des in Interior and Furniture Design
5. B. Des in Animation
6. B. Des in Industrial Design
7. B. Des in Jewellery/ Accessory Design
8. B. Des in Textile Design
9. B. Des in Ceramic and Glass Design
10. B. Des in Fashion Communication/ Communication Design
11. B. Des in Fashion Technology
12. B. Des in Fashion Management
13. B. Des in Leather Design
14. B.Sc. in Fashion Design
15. B.Sc. in Costume Design
16. B.Sc. in Fashion Communication
17. B.Sc. in Interior Design
18. B.Sc. in Garment Manufacture
19. B.Sc. in Apparel Design
20. B. Voc. in Garment Design
21. B. Voc. in Fashion Design
22. B. F. Tech. in Apparel Production
23. B. A. in Fashion Design
24. B. A. in Product Design
25. B. A. in Jewellery Design
26. B. A. in Communication Design
27. B. A. in Fashion Styling & Image Design
28. B. A. Hons. Multimedia (Art & Design)
29. Diploma in Interior Design
30. Foundation Course in Jewel Making
31. Footwear Design and Manufacture Diploma
32. Diploma in Jewelry Design
33. Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design
34. Diploma in Graphic Designing & UI/UX

Admission process:

• Candidates from any field can apply for the UG design courses.
• Candidate must have passed 10+2 from any recognized broad of studies.
• Some colleges/ institution gave admissions to students by organizing entrance exams for them.
• No entrance exam will be conducted for the diploma holders.
• Diploma holder can apply for admission directly on the official website of the college. Colleges will shortlist the students for admission on the basis of merit list of 10th and 10+2.

List of Entrance Exams:

1. NID Design Aptitude Test (NID DAT)
2. Pearl Academy Entrance Exam
3. National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Examination (NIFT Entrance Exam)
4. Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED)
5. Footwear Design & Development Institute All India Selection Test (FDDI AIST)
6. IMS Design & Innovation Academy Design Entrance Exam (IMS DIA DEE)
7. All India Entrance Examination for Design (AIEED)
8. Army Institute of Fashion and Design Written Admission Test (AIFD WAT)
9. Lovely Professional University National Entrance and Scholarship Test (LPU NEST)
10. NMIMS Programs after Twelfth (NPAT)
11. PES Scholastic Aptitude Test (PESSAT)
12. Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET)
13. Uttar Pradesh Combined Entrance Examination (UPCET)
14. Srishti Entrance and Aptitude Test (SEAT)
15. United World Institute of Design Entrance Exam (UID Entrance Exam)
16. Indian Institute of Crafts and Design Entrance Test (IICD Entrance Test)
17. DYPDC Design Entrance Exam (ADYPU CET)
18. UPES Design Aptitude Test (UPESDAT)
19. CEPT Entrance Exam

Top Colleges for UG courses:

1. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
2. Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID)
3. Pearl Academy
4. Amity School of Fashion Technology
5. JD Institute of Fashion Technology
6. Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD)
7. IACG Multimedia College

PG Courses For Designing

PG Courses For Designing

Post-Graduate courses are of lesser duration than the UG courses. PG courses are offered to those students who want to specialize in their field after their bachelor’s degree. Master degree refines the skills and enhances the knowledge of a bachelor’s degree holder. It is mandatory to clear the bachelor degree to get the admission in the master’s degree. Here is a list of some PG design courses that a student can choose:

1. M. Des in Fashion Design
2. M. Des in Leather Design
3. M. Des in Accessory Design
4. M. Des in Textile Design
5. M. Des in Knitwear Design
6. M. Des in Fashion Communication
7. M. Sc in Fashion Design
8. M. Sc in Costume Design
9. M. Sc in Fashion Communication
10. M. Sc in Interior Design
11. M. Sc in Garment Manufacture
12. M. Sc in Apparel Design
13. M. Tech. in Fashion Technology
14. M. Tech. in Apparel Production
15. M.A. in Fashion Design
16. M.A. in Product Design
17. M.A. in Jewellery Design
18. M.A. in Communication Design
19. M.A. in Fashion Styling & Image Design
20. M.A. Multimedia (Art & Design)
21. PGD in Fashion Designing & Boutique Management
22. PGD in Digital Modeling
23. Master Diploma in Interior Designing
24. PGD in Web Designing
25. PGD in Product Design and Graphic Design
26. PGD in Interior Design

Admission process:

• Candidate should have passed bachelor’s degree from any recognized college/ institution with aggregate 50% marks.
• Most of the colleges and institutions offer seats to the student on the basis of the merit list of marks obtained in previous qualifying examination.
• Some colleges or institutions may prefer only bachelor’s degree holders to get admission, over other streams. Sometime, colleges can accept students from other streams, if they have the required skills for the course.

List of Entrance Exams:

1. Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED)
2. CPDM Design Aptitude Test (CPDM DAT)
3. DAIICT Design Aptitude Test (DAIICT)
4. NID Entrance Exam
5. NIFT Entrance Exam

Top Colleges for PG courses:

1. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
2. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
3. National Institute of Fashion Technology
4. Pearl Academy
5. Symbiosis Institute of Design
6. Amity School of Fashion Technology
7. Army Institute of Fashion and Design
8. Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD)
9. IACG Multimedia College

Doctorate Design Courses

Doctorate Design Courses

Doctorate design courses are suitable for those students who wish to join the research field. A doctorate degree achiever person can use “Dr.” in front of his/her name that means he/she will be considered as a doctor of the field.

It is a self-directed research degree achieved in the supervision of senior doctor of that field. A Doctorate courses is of minimum 2 years duration. Its duration can be extended as per the demand of the research process. Here is a list of some doctorate courses of designing:

1. Ph. D. in Fashion Design
2. Ph. D. in Leather Design
3. Ph. D. in Accessory Design
4. Ph. D. in Textile Design
5. Ph. D. in Knitwear Design
6. Ph. D. in Fashion Communication

Admission process:

• In some colleges, admissions are provided on the basis of counseling process and personal interview. However, Private colleges provide admission through entrance exams.
• Students applied for the entrance examination should hold post graduation degree in the relevant stream from a recognized University or Institute with at least 50% marks.

List of Entrance Exams:

2. DRT
3. DAT

Top Colleges for PG courses:

1. Industrial Design Centre, IIT Mumbai
2. IIT Kanpur
3. IIT Guwahati
4. PSG College of Technology

Top Companies that hire Designers:

1. Raymonds
2. Benetton
3. Arvind Garments
4. ITC Ltd.
5. Levis
6. Lifestyle
7. Madura Garments
8. Modelama Exports
9. Omega Designs
10. Orient Craft
11. Pantaloon
12. Proline
13. Shahi Exports
14. Span India
15. Spykar
16. Swarovski India
17. Uni Style India
18. Texport Overseas
19. Snapdeal
20. Shoppers Stop
21. Pearl Global
22. Mahajan Overseas
23. Kimaya
24. Gokuldas Images
25. Indus League Clothing

Some Top rated jobs for Designers are:

Top rated jobs for Designers

1. Graphic Designer:

A graphic designer creates a visual concept of a product or idea. The main goal of being a Graphic Designer is to communicate with the customers with a visual message and inform or capture the attention of the audience or potential customers. Through their Graphic Designs, Companies try to stand out loud among the others. A graphic Designer’s average salary can be 45,500 USD/year.

2. User experience (UX) designers:

The main job of a UX designer is to evaluate overall experience of a user when they work with the product or service. UX designer have to improve the satisfaction of customer and loyalty towards the product. Average salary of a UX designer can be 85,000 USD/year.

3. Product Designer:

Product Designers are responsible for the overall working and outlook of almost everything that we use in our daily life. It is the job of a product designer to modify the old product in a more efficient and sustainable way. Ever product designers also deal with products from scratch point. Salary of a product designer may vary from 17,000 USD/year to 45,000 USD/year.

4. Video Games Designer:

A Game Designer is the creative mind behind the development of any video game. A Video Game Designer creates the storyline and worlds of the video game. The user experience must always be considered during the development process of a video game, as players need to feel engaged and rewarded by the game to continue playing. Average salary of a Video Game designer is 65,000 USD/year – 104,000 USD/year.

5. Fashion Designer:

To get a job as a Fashion Designer, one should know everything about the Textile and fabrics. He needs to know how to combine clothes and accessories like shoes and bags etc. If anybody know these things than he can definitely get the job. Average salary of a Fashion Designer could be 60,800 USD/year.

6. Web Designer:

Web Designer’s job is very versatile in nature. That’s why it is one of the most high demand jobs. The web designers are responsible for making the websites interactive, dynamic and attractive while providing a way to customers to their desired information.

An average salary of a web designer in India is Rs 285,645 per annum. The salary could vary from Rs. 118,000 upto Rs. 634,000 per annum depending on factors like location of job, experience level of the designer, company profile, etc.

7. Exhibit designers:

Exhibition designers are primarily employed by event management companies, display stand manufacturers and design consultancy firms to plan their events in a well organized manner. These guys need to take various things into their consideration for the better experience of the clients according to the available space and the layout of the exhibition. It’s just matter all about ensuring easy access, aesthetic appeal and practicality.

8. Industrial Designer:

The responsibilities of an industrial designer will be to create products and systems for the ease of customers and improve the functionality of the factories. Based on the needs and ideas of the client, industrial designer first make the drawing of the product that how will it look. After the approval of a client, designer will create the design of the product. An Industrial designer’s average salary package can be 58,000 USD/year.

9. Furniture Designer:

Furniture designers specialize in designing furniture for clients and manufacturers. They design almost every household item like couches, chairs, tables, shelves, and decorative accents for furniture pieces. They have knowledge of trends of design, competitive price ranges and the ability to meet specific needs of manufacturers and their clients.

Furniture designers are a type of artist, as they must be able to look over the requests of clients or a manufacturing company and draw out a structure with a design that they believe will fit their needs. Average salary of a furniture designer can be 50,000 USD/year.

10. Interior Designer:

Some main tasks of an Interior Designer are designing the walls, furniture, flooring, lightening, color schemes, etc. These types of tasks can be done for houses, offices, hospitals, hotels or shops etc. Even this job also includes a walk around the project building and commenting on everything done there by your team, that what goes or not with the theme. The Average salary of an Interior Designer can be 50,000 USD/year.

Overall it can be said that Design degrees can be both wide and narrow when it comes to its content – and they can come in a huge range of specialist offshoots. Students must choose a particular course to reflect their future career aspirations.

The approach differs from university to university and candidate should fully research about the various aspects and modules about the chosen course, and the possibility of industry placements, which are a great chance of getting experience within the industry prior to graduation.

And one more last and the most important thing that if a student want to be a designer in the future than he/she should choose Courses For Designing according to his passion, likes and dislikes. To Read more contents you can visit our site ‘‘.

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