Blogging With WordPress And How Blogging Makes Money ?

Blogging With WordPress And How Blogging Makes Money ?

Introduction: In this modern era, where everything is becoming digital. Due to this shift, lots of online money-earning opportunities have arisen. If you want to grab these opportunities and learn these money-making methods so keep reading our article where you got the detailed information the blogging with wordpress.

Nowadays blogging with wordpress is an incredible way to earn money but you need to acquire accurate knowledge and need to follow those ways. There are lots of questions that arise in your mind i.e what is blogging? How to earn money from blogging? So in this article, will get to know about blogging step by step.

What is blogging?

What is blogging?

If you have proficiency in anything and you want to share your knowledge with others so you have two methods either you can create a video or write an article about it. But writing an article and sharing it on the internet is called blogging. In simple words ” A blog is a website where peoples share their knowledge or information among the peoples”.

Whenever you want to know about something you often go over google to search about the question then google displays some websites. It does not mean that Google answer itself rather google is a search engine. It only shows the information shared by the peoples on their websites.

In ancient times, people often wrote dairies and some still used to write diaries. If you are fond of writing then you can write decent articles or blogpost. This obsession can help you to earn lots of money. But many of you do not believe that this is the actual way to earn money. But believe me, it’s 100% true that thousands of peoples already earn lakhs of rupees per month by writing articles or blogging. So if you want to do blogging keep reading this article till the end.

Some questions arise about blogging that:

↪How to write a blog?

↪How can we do blogging?

↪Where we can do blogging?

↪How to become a successful blogger?

↪How to earn money by blogging?

We will make clear all that questions step by step.

How To Do Blogging?

There are two major platforms to do blogging. The first is about Blogspot and the second one is WordPress of Google. Now the question arises that what is a Blogspot? And what is WordPress? What is the difference between them? And on which platform we should do blogging? So let’s know them in detail.

What is Blogspot ? How to do blogging on the blogpost?

Blogspot is the platform provided by google Where you can publish your articles and start blogging free of cost without purchasing hosting. you can access it by login google account on or These are websites where you can post your articles or blogs. On this platform, we can make a blog and begins the blogging. If you think about how to make a blog on the blogpost.

When you create a blog. ln the beginning you would have to give a name to your blog but after publishing your post you can access your post by a sub-domain of For example:- if your blog’s name is the Best blog. Then you can watch it on but if you want you can buy your domain means a custom domain to add up there.

Once you make a blog then you can post your articles there and attach images, videos, and links with your article to look decently.

What is WordPress ? How to do blogging on WordPress?

How to do blogging on WordPress

WordPress is a decent platform for blogging. Many of the proficient bloggers often use WordPress for blogging and they have been earning lakhs of rupees. WordPress is such a platform where we can easily make blogs or create a website and begins blogging. To make a website on WordPress you mainly required these three things :

1. Domain Name

2. Hosting

3. Theme

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of your website. It is an address of the website where internet users can access your website. A domain name is used to recognize or to search the website. Computer use IP address (Internet Protocol Address) to find out the website. It is a numerical address that tells a browser that where is this website available on the internet.

With the help of a domain name, we can find one or more IP addresses For example – domain name refers to millions of IP addresses. The domain name is also used in URLs to find any particular webpage.

How does the domain name work?

Let me tell you that all the websites are the host or stored on a server and the domain name point to the IP address of a server. Therefore whenever we add any website’s name on the URL hence with the help of the domain name point to your IP address of severing thereby you can watch the website.

What is a subdomain?

One domain is divided into multiple websites with different domain names and when the multiple domain names are added with that one main domain is called a subdomain. We use a subdomain for different categories of websites. Let’s know it with an example: is a website that performs various services. Therefore Google has created different websites with a subdomain. is the main domain name. According to the services, google create subdomains like:

↪ (For news)

↪ (For education)

↪ (For webpage)

↪ (For images)

↪ (For videos)

So here is a main domain and news, education, web, images, videos are used as a subdomain name.

How To Buy Domain?

This is a primary step to choose a website name and would have to buy a domain of the same name you have chosen. A domain name is the identity of your website so don’t rush to buy the domain name. Here we are going to tell you how to buy a domain name? in a decent manner.

As we know that to make the short URL of a website. We are required to buy a domain after getting the domain our websites seem professional. We can buy our favourite domain after your blog i.e .com, .net, .info, .site, .org, etc.

For example so here on our website .com after its name is brought by us. If you also have a website then you should buy a domain name

Bestsellers For Domain :

There are various companies in the market that sell domain names but you need to register and buy a unique domain name from a good domain name service provider. Whereas ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names And Numbers) is an organization that authorizes domain providers to sell the domain name.

Here we have mentioned some top companies who sell domain name:





EWeb Guru






Why GoDaddy Company is Best For Buy Domain Name :

Godaddy is an American internet domain registrar and web hosting company. It is the most popular and vast company. Godaddy is the best website to buy a domain name and we can also call them domain registrar. It is really easy to register on GoDaddy for the domain name. You just need to sign in with the information required.

It is easy to use because I find their interface intuitive to use so I would recommend it for beginners who want to do blogging. Godaddy offers good speed and also offers window-based Hosting.

With GoDaddy you can achieve everything mentioned below in one spot :

• Select a domain name for your website.

• Sign up there for cheap hosting

• Brings your books in order

• Create a business website

• Receive a business mobile number

• Find support with digital marketing

You can earn money from Go Daddy. For this you have to make an account on GoDaddy then you have to buy a domain name for your website and you can also buy hosting there and start earning money through your website.

What is Hosting?

What is Hosting?

Web Hosting is a type of service that provides the privilege to upload our website on the internet. When you make a website or blog then you have to store its all contents, images, videos or pages, etc in a server so that other peoples can access your website.

We required a powerful server for web hosting which should be connected to the internet for 24 hours so that without any problem it would be available to internet users. But we can not maintain this type of server because its maintenance cost is actually high therefore we take the support of hosting companies for hosting.

Web hosting companies have powerful servers, technology, and technical staff. We can buy a hosting service according to the monthly or annual package. On their server, we get a space for our web hosting.

What is the best company to buy hosting?

There are too many companies that provide web hosting but everybody is seeking the best web hosting provider companies. As you know there are different types of hosting and you should that which type of hosting you have required.


Here we recommend you a best hosting provider company hosting. Hostinger is India’s most popular company and its starting hosting plan is 59 Rs./ month. For the blog, personal website and small business hosting is the best company.

Hostinger Gives Three Types of Hosting plans:

↪Single Web Hosting: In this hosting, we can get one website host at rupees 59 per month.

↪Premium Web Hosting: In this type of hosting we can host 100 websites at rupees 100 per month

↪Business Web Hosting: we can host 100 websites at rupees 219 per month.

Why Hostinger is Best For us?

Hostinger is the no. 1 company as compared to other hosting provider companies. If you are going to start a new blog or website then you can choose a single web hosting plan whereas for getting 4 years hosting you have to pay Rs. 59 per month. And if you want to get their hosting plan for 1 year then you have to pay Rs. 99 per month.

Hostinger is the cheap and best company as compared to other hosting provider companies i.e Bluehost, Hostgator. Because you can get many privileges at low cost.

If you want to do multiple website hosting then you have two options first one is premium and another one is business web hosting so you can choose according to your plan.

Benefits of Hostinger:

1. Provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. The Processor of the hosting is fast.

3. Quick loading with the cache manager.

4. Incredible benefits of fast speed.

5. Great custom dashboard.

6. Endless features.

7. Great preliminary price.

8. Self-regulating backups.

9. Responsive support.

10. 99.99% uptime guarantee.

11. Vast disk storage

12. Limitless email accounts.

If you want to earn money and become successful in the blogging career then use the best web hosting provider company. Because sometimes in cheap hosting companies contain various limitation and we should not believe on these types of companies.

Ten Tips For a New Blogger :

Ten Tips For a New Blogger

1. Use WordPress for Blogging: It contains various themes which help you to make your article look professional.

2. Publish Quality Content: keep publishing quality content to grow your website.

3. Catchy Title: The title should be catchy or attractive it helps to gain traffic on your post.

4. Use SEO Friendly Permalinks Structure: To make SEO friendly you have to choose option post name in the permalinks structure.

Quick Tips To Make SEO Friendly URL:

↪Add target keyword

↪Don’t add excess words in the URL

↪Make your URL short and easy

5. Keyword Research: Always choose low competition and high search keywords for your post.

6. Remove Bad links: Bad links can affect your domain authority, ranking, and traffic so if you have any bad links or toxic links then keep remove them.

7. Make Internal Links: Internal linking is a significant part of SEO. It improves your quality of content and makes it useful for visitors.

8. Make High-Quality Backlinks: It is crucial to raise domain authority, Google ranking, and website traffic. The more backlinks you have, the much faster your website gets ranked.

9. Do Backup Regularly to Your Blog: It is also an essential work however it may not that much important for beginners. But if you have something wrong with your blog then the backup can enable you to correct it.

10. Be Passionate About Blogging: This is one of the most important tips because to become successful in any field, passion is really important to be passionate about your work.

Hope you got that how we can earn money with blogging on wordpress. To acquire more information keep visiting our website

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